‘Lead By Example!’: Meghan McCain Rips Into De Blasio For Gym Outing Amid Coronavirus Fears


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain ripped into Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over his decision to hit the gym just ahead of its coronavirus-related closure.

McCain responded on Tuesday’s “The View,” where she and her cohosts spread out around a larger table that allowed the recommended six feet between them, saying that de Blasio’s gym outing was just one of many irresponsible actions she had seen recently. (RELATED: ‘There Are No Libertarians In A Pandemic’: Meghan McCain Says When Crisis Hits, Everyone Wants Infrastructure)


“It’s not about scaring people but I want to show a video of people in Clearwater, Florida yesterday,” McCain began. “This is not about scaring people but it’s about telling people that this is unsafe.”

McCain then showed video of spring breakers on a crowded beach in Florida despite recommendations to avoid large gatherings from both state and federal officials.

“On top of that you have Bill de Blasio going to the gym at the same time that New York gyms are being shut down saying, it’s fine, I live in the real world,” McCain added. “Yeah, de Blasio, I live in the real world too, and it looks pretty scary right now so maybe lead by example.”

McCain also called out the “hubris” and “arrogance” of those ignoring the problem despite the risk they might pose to others, particularly those who might be vulnerable.