‘I Wouldn’t Put Anything Past Bernie And His Supporters’: Meghan McCain Says Bernie Will Not Go Quietly

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Thursday that she doesn’t expect independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to bow out of the 2020 Democratic primary gracefully.

McCain made the comments during ABC’s “The View” — which, for a second day had no live studio audience due to coronavirus fears. (RELATED: ‘The Dirtiest Thugs I’ve Ever Seen’: Meghan McCain Rips Bernie Bros Ahead Of Super Tuesday)


“So Bernie admitted that he may be losing the debate about his own electability,” Whoopi Goldberg began, referencing Sanders’ Wednesday admission that he was losing the electability debate — and subsequent promise to stay in the race anyway. “So the question really becomes, so what is he hoping for here?”

Joy Behar said that she believed Sanders’ intent was to push former Vice President Joe Biden further to the left in the hopes that a more progressive coalition could be reached. “He should be yelling at Trump. He seems to be yelling at Biden a lot. Start yelling at Trump a little bit because it’s not an open and shut case that that nut case is going to lose,” she continued.

“There’s also no question about how would he handle it,” Goldberg added. “That’s the first question I was going to say. So, you know, here’s what I would do if I became the president. What are you going to do, Joe? What are you going to do, Joe? Joe. Joe.”

“Well, I think Joe’s answer to him should be what are you going to do to win over the African-American voters and women in the Midwest and women who make over $50,000 a year?” Meghan McCain asked. “Those are all the questions that Bernie just flat lined with. My question to Bernie is, okay. You want to be the nominee. How are you going to beat Trump with this giant swath of voters? His electoral base is kind of a red herring. The young voters that were supposed to come out, it was only 13%. It was abysmal.”

McCain went on to note that Sanders had a real problem in the African American community as well. “African-American voters, we spent so much time talking about mayor Pete’s problem with African-American voters we didn’t talk about Bernie’s,” she said. “He has no foreseeable pathway at this point, but again, this is his Alamo. He’s going to continue to run until the end of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes this to the convention. I wouldn’t put anything past Bernie and his supporters.”

Behar pointed out that Sanders could potentially still offer advice to Biden without staying in the race, noting that both men have claimed that they are friends and that their main stated goal is to defeat Trump in November.

Sunny Hostin jumped in then, adding, “You have been talking a lot about the Bernie brothers and how toxic they have been, but he does have, you know, I think a base that is really energized and I’d like to see some of that energy supporting the Democrat — the Democratic Party, and how do you shift that toxicity to real energy, real voting energy. I would like Bernie to unleash them to the Democrat party.”

“He should right now. Today,” Behar agreed.