Is It Time To Upgrade Your Bed? Here Are The Best Sheet Sets On The Market

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For many of us, now may be the perfect time to capitalize on lower prices on bed and sheet upgrades. In fact, if you’re a single man aged 18-50, it’s far more likely that you desperately need new sheets…right now.

No matter if you’re a cold sleeper, a hot sleeper, a mover, shaker or jimmy-legged individual, there’s a style, price and brand waiting for you. So throw way those old, poorly-aged sheets and step into your new, comfy upgrade!

1. The Basics – Microfiber

Available in nearly every size and color, the Amazon #1 best seller is the most cost-efficient way for you to get a fresh night’s sleep.


For around $30 you’re also getting a fitted sheet and two pillow cases. If you’re filling out the guest room, sending the kids to college or just looking for a fresh color, consider this the bed sheet starter kit.

Rather uniquely, this brand offers a lifetime guarantee that boasts customers only need to “send 1 simple email and receive a 100% money-back refund, absolutely no questions asked (in fact, you don’t even have to return the set)”.

2.  The Upgrade – Egyptian Cotton

If you’re looking to go a little fancier than the above, you can upgrade to a luxury, Egyptian cotton set for around $100.


Hotel-quality is able to come a little cheaper here due to the lack of overhead involved with this company working directly with Amazon, limiting shipping and no middle men.

Selling points include a 1,000-thread count and resistance to fading. So long as you’re not washing your sheets with 11-parts bleach, these should be long lasting.

3. A Different Feel – Satin

It won’t cost you very much if you want to convert to the unique feel that is satin sheets. More durable than cotton, the look and feel is what you need to decide on with satin.

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Satin presents well but isn’t for everyone; wrinkle-free, stain and fade resistance are a few of the key features, the obvious shine gives a certain…dare we say sexy presentation.

These sheets won’t break the bank as they are a relatively common fabric, but still unique enough to be different while still machine washable.

4. The Environmentalist – Bamboo

Made with 100% bamboo and, as Rush Hour taught us, these are some durable sheets. The natural and hypoallergenic sheets give a different feel that may be better for your skin than other styles of fabric.

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Bamboo makes a lot of wonderful claims for the user (sleeper?), these include: odor-resistant, anti-bacterial, extremely soft, absorbing and drawing moisture away in winter, among others.

If you’re a bit of an environmentalist or have trouble sleeping with traditional sheets whether due to irritability or something else, you may want to give these a try; it comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re unsure.

5. The Luxury – Silk

We’ve gone into the luxury setting and the price proves it. Silk sheets may be the best for your skin of all fabrics, due to the naturally occurring amino acids that can be found in the fabric which are often used in many lotions and treatment products.


If you’re looking to avoid bed-head and frizzy hair then silk sheets are for you. This particular brand is manufactured to regulate your body temperature making it perfect for ‘cold sleepers’.

Being a breathable fabric, it should retain less moisture/bacteria overall, which helps with your overall health.

It should be important to note than when looking for a new set of sheets, consider what type of fabric works well with any irritations or allergies your skin may have. Are you a cold or warm sleeper? Do you find yourself having wild hair whenever you wake up?

Put a little bit of research into your purchase, as you would with anything, before making a decision. Look for brands with money-back guarantees or warranties in case you don’t end up liking how your sheets feel.

Most importantly, don’t forget to wash! Every six to seven months isn’t good enough, unfortunately.

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