Mark Cuban Admits He’d Spank His Teens If They Joined Spring Break Partiers Amid Coronavirus

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Mark Cuban said Tuesday that although he had never spanked his children, he would do so if he caught them partying with Spring Breakers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuban joined ABC’s “The View” remotely to discuss coronavirus and America’s efforts to slow its spread, and he admitted that he would be very angry to find one of his own children becoming a part of the problem.(RELATED: Sunny Hostin Tries To Bait Mark Cuban — He Refuses To Throw Trump ‘Under The Bus’)


Meghan McCain, who also appeared on Tuesday’s show via satellite, began the segment by bringing up the viral photos and videos of crowded beaches and teenagers claiming that coronavirus was not going to ruin their good time. (RELATED: ‘He Drove To Mar-a-Lago’: Meghan McCain Praises Tucker Carlson For Getting Trump To ‘Believe In This Virus’)

“Hey, Mark. It’s Meghan. I know that you have teenage children, and we have all seen these videos of these Spring Breakers in Florida partying and saying, ‘If I get coronavirus, I get coronavirus.’ Kids in Kentucky are having coronavirus parties. Why do you think this serious message for whatever reason just isn’t translating to a lot of — I have been corrected. Generation Z kids, not millennials?” McCain asked.

“You know, kids think they’re, you know, nothing can go wrong, that they’re not vulnerable to anything, and I mean, I had to have the conversation with my 16-year-old in particular,” Cuban explained. “I mean, when this all first started happening, he was, like, ‘I’m going to my friend’s house.’ No, you’re not. ‘They can come over here.’ No, they can’t. You have to make it clear.”

Cuban took things a step further, admitting that he would consider corporal punishment — something he said he had never done before — if it came to that.

“If one of my kids went out there and were partying on Spring Break, I would walk up to her and bend her over my knee. I never spank my kids. Never, ever. I would pull down those pants and spank her in front of all those Spring Breakers because it’s criminal. You can’t do it,” he said.