Billionaire David Geffen Gets Hefty Dose Of Social Media Backlash After Posting Pictures Of Self Quarantine Superyacht

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Billionaire entertainment mogul David Geffen drew a hefty dose of social media backlash after posting a picture of his self-quarantine abode — a luxurious superyacht “isolated in the Grenadines.”

“Sunset last night…isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I’m hoping everybody is staying safe,” Geffen, a co-founder of DreamWorks Pictures and the founder of Geffen Records, wrote on his Instagram, which has since been made private.

The “Rising Sun” is worth around $590 million and is usually packed with A-list celebrities, according to TMZ.

New Yorker writer Lauren Collins posted a screengrab of the billionaire’s post on her Twitter account with the simple word, “psychopath.”

That was only the beginning of the Twitter backlash as others, including “The View” co-host Meghan McCain, posted their frustration with Geffen’s tone-deafness as most Americans suffer during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“David Geffen is worth 8 billion dollars!” McCain wrote. “For God’s sake help this country get ventilators, our health workers masks and the medical supplies they need! Or no, just stay on your fucking yacht instagramming. This is just shameful and grotesque.” (RELATED: ‘Amoral Greedhead’: Tucker Rips Bill Ackman For Making Billions On Tanked Stocks After ‘Hell Is Coming’ CNBC Interview)

Others echoed McCain’s sentiments: