‘Lying Scum Bag’: Greg Gutfeld Goes To War With Media Matters Employee After ‘The Five’ Coronavirus Coverage Claim

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld waged a Tuesday afternoon Twitter war with a Media Matters employee who accused him of lying about when Fox News’ “The Five” began taking coronavirus seriously.

“I wonder, when ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on the virus back in January, what was Chuck’s concern,” Gutfeld said on Tuesday’s “The Five.” The clip was posted by Andrew Lawrence, Media Matters’ deputy director of rapid response along with the caption, “Greg Gutfeld says Fox’s ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on coronavirus back in January……BUT he’s lying.”

Lawrence posted two other tweets in an attempt to bolster his case:

Gutfeld promptly fired back, accusing Lawrence of “deliberately lying” without checking and instructing him to see his “pinned tweet” and “retract.”

The Fox News host’s pinned tweet included a “The Five” clip from January 28 in which Gutfeld and other hosts discussed the need for a travel ban on China because of the coronavirus’ rapid spread.

Lawrence responded by reiterating his previous point:

“You called me a liar when there is footage of me showing the importance it was taken,” wrote the Fox News host. “You are a lying scum bag for knowing that fact and denying it. You know you lied. Now be a man and admit it.”

Doubling down, the Lawrence then said Fox News’ coronavirus coverage is “going to get people killed.” (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld: Only In Media Could ‘An Idiot’ Like Joe Scarborough Make A Living)

“You’re in deep dude,” Gutfeld wrote in response. “You lied about my coverage, slandered me in a very vital way, and now you’re running from your own claim. retract now, be a man if that’s indeed possible. look at the pinned tweet – you know you fucked up. fix it. now.”