Joe Rogan Says The Left Must Call Out Biden: ‘Trump’s Going To Eat Him Alive’


William Davis Contributor
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Popular podcast host Joe Rogan predicted late last week that President Donald Trump will steamroll former Vice President Joe Biden if the two meet in a general election.

“Trump is going to eat him alive,” Rogan said. “He’s gonna eat that guy alive. The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking.”

Rogan endorsed the presidential campaign of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders earlier this year, and expressed concerns about Biden’s repeated mishaps on television interviews. (RELATED: Joe Biden Looks Down At Notes During Live MSNBC Interview)

“Every video of him recently talking, he’s stumbling through sh**, he forgets what he’s talking about,” Rogan said.

Rogan then played recent clips of Biden’s television interviews, and said he believes the former vice president’s gaffes represent a “medical issue.”

“I’m looking at this like this is a medical issue,” Rogan said. “That’s not a normal way to communicate, unless he’s high as f****.”