Sandra Lee Slams People Discussing The Andrew Cuomo Nipple Piercing ‘Nonsense’

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO)

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TV chef Sandra Lee has shut down the discussion of whether Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a nipple piercing.

Lee called the conversation “nonsense” after a photo of Cuomo sparked speculation that the governor had nipple piercings, according to a report published Wednesday by Page Six. Lee and Cuomo dated for 14 years before splitting in September of 2019.

“I just want to say body-shaming is not okay — it is never going to be okay when people are out on the front lines working hard for all of our benefits, to then turn around and body shame,” Lee said.

“Shame on you, knock it off, do something to uplift people and make the world a better place not take cheap shots that are unnecessary,” she added. “Have a great day and think about that for a little while.” (RELATED: Cuomo Sees ‘Positive Sign’ That Social Distancing Is Working In New York)

Cuomo, who has been praised for his coronavirus response in New York, found himself in the spotlight for a different reason Tuesday. A spokesperson for the governor also denied Cuomo had any nipple piercings.

“Of course not, sorry, internet,” senior aide Rich Azzopardi told the New York Post.

Despite the denial, speculation continued. There is an entire reddit thread dedicated to finding out if Cuomo has his nipples pierced.