Trump Adviser Says COVID-19 Pandemic Will End ‘Relatively Soon,’ Urges Americans To Remain Strong

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Trump Adviser Dr. Gina Loudon sat down with Daily Caller White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom to discuss how far the U.S. government should go with distancing measures and offer some words of encouragement to Americans heading into another 30 days of lockdown.

Loudon, a co-chair of Women4Trump, has been vocal about some of the social distancing measures in the U.S. going to far and preventing people from getting outside. She also tells the DC that China bears a large part the blame for the global pandemic, and should be held accountable. (RELATED: Dr. Fauci Says Trump Took Coronavirus Seriously ‘From The Beginning’)

China’s role in the coronavirus crisis has been a point of consternation among the U.S. media and politicians. Many considered it racist to call coronavirus the “China Virus,” and the U.S. intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China did falsify its virus data.

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