Greg Gutfeld And Juan Williams Find A Rare Point Of Agreement On How To Help The Restaurant Industry

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Fox News co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams found a rare point of agreement when discussing how to help the struggling restaurant industry on Wednesday night’s “The Five.”


Gutfeld introduced the topic by blasting the assumption that “business owners are rich.”

“Hardly,” he said. “In fact, profit margins are so thin one storm could blow them over, permanently.”

Acknowledging the concern for restaurant employees, the Fox News host said that in order to help them, “you’ve got to help the owners first,” otherwise there will be no business to employ anyone.

“So President Trump, if you are listening – and I know you are – first, government needs to make the loans directly to the owner,” he said. “Cut out the hiring requirements, and if the owner can’t pay it back it’s on him or her. They did this after 9/11 and it worked. The loan should also have a long payback period, to reduce thoughts of suicide. ‘Cause that’s where debt can lead.”

Gutfeld’s second solution was geared toward boosting restaurant spending overall:

“You need to go out and spend, get that oxygen pumping into the system,” Gutfeld said. “But first you deserve an incentive. So how about for one year we make meals and beverages tax-deductible? Take those bar tabs and mark them all self-entertainment. So, if your family goes out and spends 200 bucks, you get 60 back later. Let’s put the fun in refund. Because if we don’t you could lose your favorite bar, which sucks because after all this you’re going to need a drink.”

When it was Juan Williams’ turn to comment, he was all in. (RELATED: ‘The Five’ Panel Explodes After Juan Williams Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Chinese Travel Ban)

“I’m all with you,” said Williams. “I just think we have to give consumers the kind of confidence and the incentive to go out and spend, because they drive our economy.”