Joy Behar Slams Immigration Pause, Claims ‘Ban Immigrants’ Is Trump’s Answer To Every Problem


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar slammed the Trump administration’s temporary immigration pause, claiming Wednesday that “ban immigrants” was President Donald Trump’s response to every problem.

Behar made the comments on ABC’s “The View,” also claiming that the president had only implemented a temporary immigration ban because it would help to rally his base.


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, turning the question to Behar. “We were talking about you know whose immigration ban. Joy, you think he’s up to something. What’s his game here?” (RELATED: ‘Give Me Liberty And Give Me Death!’: Joy Behar Says Armed Lockdown Protesters Are ‘Terrorists’)

Behar began by making the case for immigration, noting that some 25% of doctors in the United States were immigrants and appearing to suggest that an immigration ban would keep doctors from getting into the United States.

She went on to claim that the president’s move was calculated to cater to his base. “Trump’s answer to everything is ban immigrants and scapegoat foreigners to fire up the hardliners in his base. It always seems to work for him, so he keeps on doing it. I’m hoping it will stop working soon,” Behar added.

Behar concluded that Trump might actually have to get sick himself to appreciate the number of immigrants who might take part in his care.

“One thing I would like to point out about this topic is Boris Johnson — remember him? The poster child for Brexit, which basically boils down to a tactic to stop immigration. He just thanked two immigrants — I think it was a couple of weeks ago. He thanked two immigrants for saving his life. So I guess it has to happen to them for any kind of awakening, you know?” she asked, adding, “I don’t even know if — truthfully, I don’t even know if that would change Trump because even if he was sick — God forbid, I don’t want to anybody to get sick, I still don’t think he would understand what he’s saying. That’s how ambitious and narcissistic this man is.”