Joy Behar Says A Justin Amash Run Will Hurt Trump, But Meghan McCain Isn’t Buying It


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Wednesday that Independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash’s plan to run for president as a Libertarian could hurt President Donald Trump.

Amash, who left the Republican Party because of Trump, announced Tuesday that he was launching an exploratory committee with regard to a possible 2020 campaign. Behar butted heads with co-host Meghan McCain over what impact that would have in November. (RELATED: ‘What An Utter Joke’: Meghan McCain Rips Bill De Blasio For ‘Breaking HIS OWN RULES’)


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, pointing out the possibility that a third-party candidate could end up being a spoiler. “Usually they’re kind of a problem, but for some folks, I mean, is this — is this really the time for this now, in your opinion, Joy?” she asked.

“Well, you know, third-party candidates are always a pain in the butt, but I think that Amash is going to hurt the Republicans more than the Democrats, and I’ll tell you why,” Behar began.

She went on to say that, as a rule, libertarians tend to skew closer to Republicans than to Democrats with regard to policy.

“He’s a pro-gun guy, and he’s anti-choice. So even people who don’t — are not in love with Biden like the Bernie brothers maybe, I don’t think they’ll go along with something like that. I think the Republicans might split their vote because he — he’s more of a fiscal conservative from what I read than Trump,” Behar explained.

“I’m not trying to throw water on that argument, but I’m going to,” McCain jumped in, arguing that the issue might hinge on the fact that Amash hails from a swing state.

“So, Justin Amash is ostensibly a libertarian, you’re right, Joy. He’s a congressman from Michigan. Michigan is a swing state. There’s about 10% of the Republican demographic that are never-Trumpers that would in theory vote for Joe Biden, and they will be picked off from voting for Joe Biden, and vote for this Libertarian candidate,” McCain said.

“It 100% helps Trump, hurts Biden, especially in his home state of Michigan where he is a complete known, where nationally he seems to be less of a known as the other candidates running,” McCain concluded, adding that Biden could not afford to lose any swing states, even if he lost to a spoiler rather than to Trump.