Kevin McCarthy Takes Aim At Pelosi, Says If Starbucks Is Open, The House Should Be Too


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued Thursday that if getting “a tea or a latte” was considered essential, the House of Representatives should be as well.

McCarthy made the comments during a press briefing, saying, “If you go two blocks away, you can get a tea or a latte but the Democrats on this side of the House will not let us legislate.” (RELATED: Kevin McCarthy Announces His Plan To Reopen Congress — ‘House Needs To Work’)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her own press briefing Thursday as well, addressing Congress’ next steps with regard to additional coronavirus relief packages. She touted her plan for the next bill to include more resources for testing, more aid for state and local authorities and more direct payments to the American people. She stressed the importance of getting those measures approved quickly and in a bipartisan fashion, but made no move to defend her decision to delay the House’s return to session.