WH Press Secretary Pushes Back Against Biden Pooh-Poohing Flynn Case: ‘Obama-Era’ FBI Officials Tried To ‘Get Someone To Lie’

Screenshot Fox News Channel, Fox & Friends

Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany pushed back against former Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that the Michael Flynn case is a “diversion” to the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday.

Biden spoke on ABC’s “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopoulos, who asked if he knew about the Obama administration’s efforts to investigate Flynn, the former national security advisor. McEnany spoke on “Fox & Friends” after Biden’s interview and dismissed his claim that Flynn’s case was a distraction.

“Yeah, look it is not a distraction to bring this up,” McEnany countered. “Anytime the FBI writes down on a piece of paper asking whether their motive in interviewing someone if their end goal is to ‘get someone to lie’ – in this case, getting Michael Flynn to lie, that should trouble each and every American, and they go on to say ‘so that we can get him fired.'”

“This is incredible what the FBI did and again, it’s not our hard working rank-and-file at the FBI, those men and women are heroes. This was some of the top officials in the Obama-era, and they are very real questions. And now that we know that President Obama was aware of the Flynn unmasking and the former vice president too.”


Biden, after first denying that he knew about efforts to investigate Flynn, admitted that he “was aware … that they asked for an investigation.” Biden said he thought Stephanopoulos first asked if he “had anything to do with” Flynn’s prosecution, which is why he claimed not to know, Fox News reported.

“But that’s all I know about it,” Biden added.

The Justice Department moved Thursday to drop the case against Flynn after internal memos sparked red flags regarding the investigation. (RELATED: NBC News Admits It Aired Deceptively Edited Clip Of Barr On ‘Meet The Press’ With Chuck Todd)