Justin Amash Bows Out, Will Not Seek Libertarian Nomination In 2020

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash will not seek the 2020 Libertarian presidential nomination.

Amash announced his decision in a series of tweets Saturday, just short of three weeks after announcing his intent to form an exploratory committee to evaluate his chances as a candidate.

He began by thanking those who had supported him, saying, “After much reflection, I’ve concluded that circumstances don’t lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate.”

Amash went on to tout the need for a viable third party, noting that the extreme polarization in the United States made that prospect more difficult.

Amash continued, noting that the coronavirus pandemic and mitigation efforts had made traditional campaigning all but impossible, making it even more difficult for a third-party candidate to break into the news coverage. (RELATED: Jake Tapper Reminds Justin Amash That Even Teddy Roosevelt Couldn’t Pull Off A Third-Party Win)

Amash concluded by encouraging anyone who hadn’t already done so to consider joining the Libertarian Party.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper spoke with Amash shortly after he announced that he was considering a run, noting that even the immensely popular Theodore Roosevelt had been unsuccessful in his 1912 third-party (Bull Moose Party) run.