‘IT NEEDS TO END. NOW’: New York Post Front Page Comes After The Coronavirus Lockdowns

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“IT NEEDS TO END. NOW,” the New York Post’s front page reads Thursday, calling for an immediate end to the economic standstill driven by coronavirus and the restrictions imposed in an attempt to stymie its spread.

“The Big Apple is dying. Its streets are empty. Tens of thousands have been plunged into poverty. Our leaders have no plans, no answers,” the front page reads. “New Yorkers have already learned to socially distance. Businesses can adjust. The elderly and infirm can continue to be isolated.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Chris And Andrew Cuomo Over Swab Jokes In The Face Of Nursing Home Scandal)

The article, written by The Federalist’s David Marcus, went on to argue that in the absence of leadership, New Yorkers should step up.

“If our elected leaders won’t save the world’s greatest city from a slow death by economic strangulation, then the people of New York must do it themselves,” it reads.

We did what we were asked. We flattened the freakin’ curve. There is no longer any reasonable justification for the government to deprive us of our livelihoods. And our rights aren’t the government’s to grant or take away. They belong to us — the free grant of nature and the God of nature. We’re Americans. More than that: New Yorkers, goddammit.

Judge Andrew Napolitano told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” that he agreed wholeheartedly, saying, “I cannot agree more with that. It’s time for all of us to come back to our normal society with concerns for the spread of the contagion.”

“We can live social distancing and operate our businesses and go to restaurants and go to work and ride mass transit and liven up those streets again,” Napolitano continued. “But we have a mayor in New York that loves asserting power and controlling people even to the point of sending police to disrupt religious organizations in the middle of the ceremony this is not right and it’s got to end. Enough is enough.”