Crayola Set To Launch ‘Inclusive’ Skin Color-Themed Crayons

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Crayola has designed a new line of colors to represent 40 global skin tones in an effort to be more inclusive, numerous sources reported.

In the “Colors of the World” line, 24 new crayons representing 40 global skin tones will be introduced, according to Good Morning America.

The project was created in partnership with MOB Beauty CEO Victor Casale, who has over 30 years of experience in designing foundations for a breadth of skin tones.

“Inclusivity should be accessible for all ages and a discussion about diversity should be encouraged in order to foster a sense of belonging,” Casale told GMA. “Whether at home or in a classroom this collection gives children a greater opportunity to accurately represent themselves through creativity and self-expression.”

Like makeup foundations, Crayola had to match the colors to the skin complexions of real people, starting with the highest and darkest hues first. (RELATED: Mattel Releases Gender-Neutral Barbies In Efforts To Be ‘More Inclusive’)

Also similar to makeup, each crayon is wrapped in a gradient skin-tone label with the color in English, Spanish and French. Crayon colors range from extra light almond to deepest almond, and include rose, almond, and golden undertones to maximize precision.

The colors are set to be available in July, but they are available for preorder on Crayola’s webpage. There are also plans for presale on Walmart’s website, according to GMA.

“As a kid, I had to use pink and brown crayons to try to get my color; it was almost impossible to do,” Casale said.