‘The Five’ Panel Explodes When Donna Brazile Claims There’s ‘No First Amendment Right To Lie’

(Fox News screengrab)

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An already heated debate on Fox News’ “The Five” went off the rails when guest co-host Donna Brazile claimed that there is “no First Amendment right to lie.”

The Wednesday afternoon panel discussion centered around Twitter fact-checking President Donald Trump’s claims that California mail-in ballots are fraudulent. Co-host Jesse Watters had just pointed out that, by fact-checking one side over the other, Twitter officials could end up “almost helping the president” by proving that “the whole thing is so cooked up.”

Brazile jumped in to mock Watters for “complaining.” Then, after a back and forth talking over each other, Brazile grabbed the floor and insisted that Trump’s tweets “should be deleted.”

She specifically noted the president’s tweets about Joe Scarborough.

“I think that the social media platform companies should regulate themselves” she said. “The lies need to stop. There is no First Amendment right to lie. Period.”

After a stunned pause, Brazile’s claim was instantly fact-checked by her fellow co-hosts.


“You can’t lie?” asked a shocked Greg Gutfeld.

“Actually you can,” said Dana Perino, to which a laughing Gutfeld agreed.

“There’s a right,” Perino said.

“There’s no First Amendment right to lie,” Brazile pushed back. “There is no First Amendment right to lie. There’s no First Amendment right to lie. You just go ahead and lie.”

“I can say I’m 6 feet tall. Are you going to have me arrested?” asked co-host Greg Gutfeld.

“No,” said Brazile. (RELATED: ‘You Just Got Blown Out Of The Water!’: Greg Gutfeld Uses Video To Fact-Check Juan Williams On Hydroxychloroquine)

“What would happen to politicians, Donna? If you couldn’t lie, you’d have no politics,” Gutfeld said.

As the segment ended Brazile continued to stick to her guns.