Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell: Democratic Party Has Been ‘Hijacked By The Extremists’

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said that the Democratic Party has been “hijacked by the extremists” as their presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, “talks one game and does another.”

Appearing with conservative radio host Larry Elder on Friday night’s edition of Fox News’ “Hannity,” Terrell began by reacting to Biden’s comment this week about only 10% to 15% of Americans being “not very good people.”


“I’m going to be consistent on this because as the civil rights attorney, Joe Biden talks one game and does another,” Terrell said. “He claims he wants to unite the country, well he just threw out 15%, they’re not good people. Well, Joe Biden, I’m part of that 15% and proud of it.”

“Then he further divides the country by claiming that if you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t black,” he continued. “He further divides the country by then not supporting the police department. I find it insulting.”

The liberal civil rights attorney said that Biden’s “only calling card,” the claim that former President Barack Obama chose him for vice president, is “not enough to vote for him.”

“He threw blacks in jail with his crime bill,” Terrell said. “It was President Trump with his first step action that got us out of jail, and then his best friend [Los Angeles Mayor] Eric Garcetti calls cops killers.” (RELATED: ‘A Great Day’: Chris Wallace Explains How Newest Jobs Report Could Make Trump’s Reelection Case ‘A Lot Easier’)

Responding to Elder’s contention at the end of the segment that Trump could “get much more black support than he did in 2016,” Terrell said, “The Democratic Party has been hijacked. It’s been hijacked by the extremists and that is why I’m on your show, Sean Hannity. It’s been hijacked.”

“Somebody hijacked Leo, Sean, and I love it,” Elder joked.