Arizona ‘Karen’ Shoves Woman, Says Go Back To Mexico, Then Gets Insta-Slapped

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A woman in Arizona was slapped for telling a Native American woman to go back to her country, the New York Post reported.  

The “Karen,” which is a nickname used on social media for entitled people who make a big deal out of minor issues, was filmed Saturday at a Shell convenience store in Arizona when she got into a confrontation with another woman at the checkout counter. 

Greg Conn, who filmed the video and posted it on Facebook, said that an older woman walked up to the counter and told a younger woman to “go back to her country before he started filming, according to the New York Post. Conn said that she came into the store upset because her gas pump wasn’t working. 

At the beginning of the video, the older woman says she is the manager and tells a younger woman that she needs to leave because “we are not serving you.”

“Excuse me, but you did say she needs to go back to her country,” Conn tells her. (RELATED: ‘There’s An African-American Man Threatening My Life’: Woman Calls NYPD After Being Asked To Leash Her Dog, Later Apologizes)

“This is my country, I’m Native American. Native Americans are from this country. White people are not from this country,” the younger woman says. “Don’t serve her racist ass.”

“Black lives matter bitch,” she says. 

The older woman then walks up to Conn and tells him “you need to leave, you’re not a part of this.”

“You’re racist,” he replies before she tells him that “you do not come in here and use the f-word and swear and call me a b-i-t-c-h.”

“This is going on the internet, you don’t know who I am. You told her to go back to her country,” the man says.

“Where are you from? Where were you born?” the older woman asks, to which the other woman replies that she was born in America and asks “where are your ancestors from?”

“You’re going back to Mexico,” the older woman replies, prompting a confrontation where “Karen” appears to shove the younger woman before getting slapped in the face. 

“You deserved it, in my opinion. You pushed her, and she smacked you. Self-defense on her part,” Conn says before the video cuts off. 

The owners of the convenience store told TMZ that “Karen” was not the manager and did not work there, and said that she was no longer welcome at any Shell stores across the country.