EXCLUSIVE: Seattle Resident Sounds Off On Left-Wing Radicalization Since Trump Took Office

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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A lifelong Seattle resident spoke to the Daily Caller about how the city has radicalized since President Donald Trump took office.

The resident, who requested to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, said he has been blacklisted from numerous bars in the area after making a comment about the homeless population. In 2018, Seattle reportedly had the largest homeless population behind New York City and Los Angeles, KOMO News reported.

“It kind of hints at this behind the scenes sort of cancel culture that, I mean, we see everywhere,” he said. “Everything is being boycotted, standards don’t apply to certain people, certain political groups and it’s, yeah. Just unfair.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: We Have Correspondents On The Ground In Seattle’s No Cop Zone. Here’s What It Looks Like)

The Seattle resident added that he believes this “cancel culture” has accelerated since Trump took office, calling the president a sort of “truth serum for people.”

“I think he’s definitely brought out the impulse from the hard left to cancel things that challenge their world view,” he said.


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