‘It Removes Race From The Equation’: Greg Gutfeld Details ‘Terrible Idea’ To Eliminate The Perception Of Racism In Policing

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld described what he called a “terrible idea” that would “eradicate” the “perceptions of racism in policing.”

During a Tuesday night discussion on “The Five” about the national uproar over the racially charged police killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, Gutfeld suggested that ensuring police officers only work cases involving suspects of their own race would be a better option than dealing with the “disintegration of our society and our country.”


“So I have a solution to end the society upheaval and it will eradicate all perceptions and I mean perceptions of racism in policing. Not the realities but the perception,” Gutfeld explained. “It’s a great idea but it’s also a terrible idea, but I don’t care because I will take the terrible idea over the disintegration of our society and our country.”

The Fox New co-host called his idea “officer recusal.”

“When there is a black suspect, all white officers recuse themselves and they call in the nearest black officer who responds and then handles the case,” he said. “Likewise when there’s a white suspect, black officers recuse and a white officer is called in and it’s not about race. It’s because the black officer will be likely in demand for other issues going on in other communities.”

Gutfeld contended that, though his idea is “totally discriminating,” it would remove “race from the equation” and leave “only tactics and training.”

The “downside,” he explained, would be that black officers “should be paid more” because they will be more in demand in high crime areas. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Calls For ‘Facts’ On Police Engagements: Current ‘Narrative … Is Heading Towards A Race War’)

“That’s also discriminating, correct, and that’s racist,” he said. “But I have to say this, I will take discrimination when black cops are paid more in certain communities if it saves our society and gets rid of this racial narrative. It’s the only solution for this. It’s a bad solution but you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good which I think is a phrase I coined just now.”