‘A Complete And Utter Disaster’: Kayleigh McEnany Holds Nothing Back In Judgment Of John Bolton

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized former National Security Adviser John Bolton during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

McEnany said that Bolton had often pushed his own agenda, particularly with regard to military action and foreign policy, and she claimed that it was a good thing for all Americans that he had not been successful. (RELATED: Kayleigh McEnany: John Bolton Has Replaced James Comey As ‘Most Disliked Man In America’)


Host Ainsley Earhardt began the segment with a clip of Bolton talking about President Donald Trump, referring to his policy-making process as “incoherent” and “wrapped around his own personal political fortune.”

“So that was the latest John Bolton sound bite,” Earhardt said, turning to McEnany. “What’s your reaction?”

“John Bolton will be remembered as a failed national security advisor, he’s a warmonger, he’s someone who would have had us at war with North Korea and Iran if it was up to him,” McEnany replied. “The president brought him in to be a counterbalancing voice because the president appreciates alternative opinions, but ultimately President Trump’s gut leads the way.”

McEnany went on to concluded that it was a good thing that Trump was in charge, arguing that if Bolton had been allowed to have his way that things could have been much worse. “Thank goodness it was President Trump at the helm who was able to deescalate tensions with those two countries because John Bolton was a complete and utter disaster.”