‘Urgent Matter Of Public Health’: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Says Trump Should Resign

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes said during a Friday night “All In With Chris Hayes” monologue that it is an “urgent matter of public health” that President Donald Trump resign from office.

Calling the ongoing coronavirus response the “worst governing failures in American history,” Hayes insisted that no other country “has bungled it so badly.”

“We need leadership and a leader to get us out of this,” Hayes said. “But we do not have that leader. We have Donald Trump.”


“But we have reached a new depth,” Hayes insisted after naming what he considered to be other Trump failures. “As coronavirus cases race back up, the president ignored warnings from his public health experts and that resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths. And we’re looking at tens of thousands more.”

“Right now, we are seeing our chance as Americans to get back to some semblance of normalcy the way other countries have with work and school and even sports, we’re seeing it slip away because of Donald Trump,” he said. “We are suffering through the incompetence of a man who took a huge inheritance and squandered it on stupid investments and bankrupted his company six times because he was not up to the task.”

“If this presidency had creditors, the virus’ resurgence this week would have been a default event,” Hayes continued. “Only it is not his creditors who are suffering. It is us. It is the people who could have survived this virus.”

The MSNBC host insisted that even “Republicans know” that “things are falling apart” because of Trump, but only mildly complain while hoping that Trump will improve. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Leo Terrell On Trump, Biden, Policing, And Why He Left The Democratic Party)

“There is not going to be some correction,” Hayes concluded. “Donald Trump does not learn. He is not going to get good at this. He is not going to change. He has failed definitively. And it is an urgent matter of public health, of public safety at this moment for the president, Donald Trump, to resign.”