Chris Christie: Trump And Team Must Make ‘Fundamental Changes’ To Campaign Or ‘They’re In Big Trouble’

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that President Donald Trump and his campaign must make “fundamental changes” or they could be “in big trouble” in November.

Appearing on a panel discussion Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Christie was asked by anchor George Stephanopoulos about whether Trump believes recent polling data that says he is losing and what he and his campaign should do about it.


“Well, listen, he is losing,” Christie said. “And if he doesn’t change course, both in terms of the substance of what he’s discussing and the way that he approaches the American people, then he will lose.”

Downplaying the significance of national polls “in terms of the raw numbers,” Christie explained that the overall trend is still “moving towards Joe Biden.”

“Joe Biden is hiding in the basement and not saying anything,” he said. “No discredit to the vice president. If you’re winning without doing anything why do anything?”

“The president has to change course here both in terms of the substance and answering that question much better than he did with Sean Hannity in terms of what he wants to do in a second term and secondly, he needs to approach the American people in a different way than he’s been approaching them recently,” Christie said.

The former New Jersey governor noted that, while the president is currently an “underdog,” there is still plenty of time to improve. (RELATED: James Carville Declares Trump Has ‘No Chance’ Of Winning Reelection)

“But there has to be some fundamental changes made by the president and his team,” he contended. “If they don’t do it they’re in big trouble.”