Kayleigh McEnany Wants The NYT, Wapo To ‘Hand Back Their Pulitizers’


Phillip Nieto Contributor
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ended Monday’s press briefing by calling for both the New York Times and Washington Post to hand in their Pulitzer prizes.

The New York Times reported on Saturday that President Donald Trump had been told in March that Russia had “secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan — including targeting American troops.” McEnany disputed the Times’ reporting adding the  President had never been briefed on the matter and their was “no consensus” among the intelligence community.

“How is he certain that Russia didn’t put out the bounty?” a reporter asked McEnany. (RELATED: McEnany Says ‘Egregious’ Russia Bounty Story Leak To NYT Is ‘Just Dead Wrong’)

She responded, “The president is briefed on verified intelligence, and again I would just point you back to the absolutely irresponsible decision of the New York Times to falsely report that he was briefed on something that he in fact was not briefed on. And I really think that it is time for The New York Times to step back and ask themselves why they have been so wrong so often.”


McEnany went on to list a number of corrections and “failed” reporting by the Times on the Russian scandal that rocked the Trump Administration for three years. Before walking out of the briefing, the press secretary had some words for the two newspapers.

“It is inexcusable the failed Russian reporting of The New York Times, and I think it’s time that The New York Times, and also The Washington Post hand back there Pulitzer’s.” (RELATED: ‘They Get Things Wrong From Time To Time’: Bolton Jabs At Media Over Russian Bounty Claims)