Trending Family Activities For Your Quarantined Summer

Caroline Stewart Contributor
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As the current pandemic is changing the way families will be spending their summers, it is important to stay up to date with the top family activities. These trending activities, which can all be purchased on Amazon, will keep your family and children – of all ages – busy and enjoying this new experience of a quarantined family summer.

1. Create Your Own Personal Family Scrapbook

This affordable DIY scrapbook kit from Amazon gives you the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family and remember some of your favorite moments. The kit provides materials for you to decorate it with your loved ones and create something personal.


2. Build Your Own Personalized Puzzle

Many of us have been spending much of our quarantined time building puzzles. But, why not build a puzzle that has been personalized with your favorite family photo or memory? This activity will engage your children from all ages, and be the perfect way to spend a quarantined afternoon.


3. Tie Dye – The Newest Favorite Trend

Buy this DIY tie-dye kit that will bring all of the fun and creativity right to your own home! Amazon has created the perfect kit that includes all you need to create your very own tie-dye pieces.

4. Buy The Favorite Family-Friendly Card Game

The best way to bring your family together with laughter and enthusiasm is a great card game. “You’ve Got The Crabs” is a family friendly board game that is trending as the top family-friendly game. This is the perfect game to grab when your family is eager for excitement during a quarantined summer day.

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