Municipal Councilor Showers On Live Video During Meeting, Offers To Resign

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A municipal councilor in Spain offered to resign after he accidentally livestreamed himself showering during a video meeting that was broadcast to journalists and residents earlier this week, according to The Guardian.

Bernardo Bustillo, who is a part-time worker for the Torrelavega municipality in Spain, came up with the idea to minimize the video streaming screen on his computer while he showered, thinking that he could just listen to the meeting. (RELATED: Zoom Blocked A US User’s Account To Abide By A Chinese Law. Here’s Why That’s A Problem)

He came up with the idea after the meeting ran past noon, and he was worried that he wouldn’t have time to drive his daughter around and make it to work at his other job as a swim instructor, according to The Guardian’s report.

However, minimizing the panel on his computer didn’t shut the video stream off, and his colleagues and everyone watching the stream could see him showering. Fortunately, a lot of his body was covered with a pane of frosted glass. His coworkers tried to call him multiple times, according to the report, but the sound of the water drowned out the noise of his cell phone.


“Say something to Berni. Say something to him quickly,” someone said during the video, according to The Guardian, which has now gone viral online. “We can’t disconnect him or do something?” someone asked. The mayor eventually ended the meeting.

Bustillo said that his swim instructor’s job made him comfortable with his body and that he is at “complete peace” with what happened, The Guardian reported.

“I’ve spent half of my life half-naked and have never been ashamed of nudity, whether my own or that of others,” he wrote on social media. “I can’t help but regret that the end of my political life … has to do with my nakedness, which isn’t a big deal,” he added.

He also emphasized that streaming himself naked was an accident and not ill-intentioned, and blamed his lack of skills with technology for the incident.