‘America Better Wake Up And Get Angry About This’: Dan Patrick Rips Democrats, Anti-Police Rhetoric And Black Lives Matter Movement

Screenshot Fox News Channel, America's Newsroom

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick condemned calls to defund the police and the Black Lives Matter movement, calling people who want to send social workers to domestic disturbances “plain out idiotic” Monday.

Patrick spoke with Fox News’s Sandra Smith on “America’s Newsroom” and tore into Democrats, former Vice President Joe Biden and the various movements that have emerged since the death of George Floyd. He accused Democrats of not wanting to back police officers at all and added that he is “so tired of this mob and these people on Facebook and Twitter attacking our police.”

“We are not going to have any police left,” Patrick said as he railed off statistics about cops dying. “America better wake up, and while they didn’t start this fire, Joe Biden and the Democrats are aiding and abetting this.”


At one point, Patrick pointed out social media “scumbags” who condemned a Texas woman after she tweeted that “#BlueLivesMatter.” The woman tweeted this after her father, a police officer, died during a domestic disturbance response, Mediaite reported. Smith did note that many protesters have condemned violence. Patrick also said that agrees that “every black life matters” but also said “every police officer’s life matters.”

“These scumbags on Twitter attacked her because she said Blue Lives Matter,” Patrick continued before calling the Black Lives Matter organization “a socialist organization that wants to overturn this country.” (RELATED: Woman Shot And Killed After Group Says ‘All Lives Matter’)

“I’m angry and America better wake up and get angry about this or we’re not gonna have any more police.”

Patrick also wondered where people were “when black cops have been killed” and “when teenagers and kids were killed over the weekend.” He accused the movement of not caring about these deaths and reiterated his claim that Democrats are “aiding and abetting these people to have violence against police.”