‘Cancel Culture Is A Cancer’: Dean Cain Says The Twitter Mob Will Attack For ‘Literally Anything’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Dean Cain referred to cancel culture as “a cancer” Tuesday during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Cain joined guest host Brian Kilmeade to discuss the way cancel culture had changed Hollywood. (RELATED: ‘Why Don’t They Hire Peter Strzok Too?’: Dean Cain Flames MSNBC For Hiring Lisa Page)


Kilmeade mentioned comedian Ricky Gervais and his direct attack on Hollywood during the 2020 Golden Globes — then noted that Gervais had doubled down over the weekend, calling out the new “weird sort of fascism” of people who believed they had the right to decided what people could and couldn’t say in a supposedly free society.

“He is so good and so successful, he is impervious to the mob but he’s not alone in his thoughts,” Kilmeade said adding that famed director Oliver Stone appeared to be of the same mind. “‘Everything has become so fragile. You can’t make a film without a COVID advisor. You can’t make a film without a sensitivity advisor.'”

“Things have been changing for a long time,” Cain said. “If you look at the films that have been made in the past they couldn’t be made today, even ‘Gone With the Wind’ getting pulled off the air for a while. Something like Blazing Saddles, which I thought was hysterical. You could never make that movie today. As far as on set, I’m going to find myself agreeing with Oliver Stone completely.”

Cain explained that the added regulations and all the required advisers would ultimately kill jobs, adding that smaller filmmakers would make fewer films because they couldn’t absorb the cost of sensitivity advisers.

“This whole cancel culture thing is a cancer,” Cain continued. “It’s awful, terrible. I’m 100% behind what Ricky Gervais says. Free speech needs to be protected and the speech you don’t like needs to be protected. I am open to hear everyone’s point of view and I think everyone should be.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Superman’ Dean Cain To Put On Badge As Reserve Officer, Because ‘Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes’)

Cain added that he himself had been on the receiving end of attacks on Twitter, whether for his support of Trump or the gaming chair that he chose to sit in — “literally anything.”

“I am hoping there’s going to be some sort of real come back to reality and this ridiculous cancel culture stuff is going to end,” Cain concluded.