Viral Video Shows Alligator Attacking Kayaker

[Youtube/Screenshot/Public — User: Pedro Jose aka Peter Joyce]

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Peter Joyce had a close encounter with an alligator while kayaking on Waccamaw River in North Carolina.

In the description of the video taken on July 12, Joyce says he got a “warm welcome from the wildlife.” “I thought I heard a fish jump to my left – turned out not to be a fish,” Joyce said to WECT 6. (RELATED: Viral Video Appears To Show Woman Freak Out After Illegally Parking In Tesla Spot)

“Basically, when I made out the head of the gator towards the front end of the kayak it was kind of just a state of shock,” Joyce told WECT 6. “As soon as it hit the kayak and I went what just happened?” 

The alligator can then be seen in the video flipping Joyce’s kayak over, causing Joyce to fall into the water with the animal. Joyce then grabs a tree branch and pulls himself back upright. “It could’ve been a lot worse,” Joyce said.

Joyce said that he has encountered alligators before on his trips, but this was the first time that one has charged him, per WECT 6. Joyce reportedly attributed the animals aggression to mating season and plans to kayak on the river again at a different time of the year.