CDC Director Says He’s ‘100’ Percent On His Grandchildren Going Back To School, Calls It ‘Critical’ To Get Schools Open

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Centers for Disease Control Director, Dr. Redfield, said it’s “critical” to get schools open and that he’d “absolutely” be comfortable having his grandchildren “get back to school” in the fall.

“It’s really important to get our schools open,” Redfield explained during his appearance on “Good Morning America.” The post was noted by The Blaze in a piece published Thursday. “As I’ve said, it’s not public health versus opening the schools for the economy.”

“It’s public health versus public health,” he added. ” I think there really are a number of negative public health consequences that have happened to our K-12s by having these schools closed.” (RELATED: 102-Year-Old Italian Woman Makes Miraculous Coronavirus Recovery After 20-Day Hospitalization)

The CDC director continued, while noting how “it’s so important now to work together with the school districts to figure out how they can take our guidelines and operationalize them in a practical way. And to do it in a way that’s safe for those that are vulnerable.” (RELATED: 106-Year-Old Woman Beats Coronavirus In Britain, Discharged From Hospital)

Redfield was pressed further how he felt about his “school-aged grandchildren” going back to school in the fall during the pandemic and he made it clear he’s “100%” comfortable with it.

“Absolutely,” the CDC director replied. “The only one that there may be some reservation is my grandson with cystic fibrosis, depending on how he can be accommodated in the school that he’s in.”

“But my other 10 grandchildren, of those, eight of them are school-aged, I’m 100% that they can get back to school,” he added.