Greg Gutfeld Slams Democrats After Barr Hearing: ‘The Mob Is Just Their Street Team’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took direct aim at House Democrats after Tuesday’s hearing with Attorney General William Barr.

Gutfeld held nothing back as he recapped the hearing on “The Five,” saying, “after that fiasco, we have to reclaim our time for America.” (RELATED: ‘Is That Ok?’: Barr Slams Democrats Downplaying Rioters Using ‘Projectiles That Have Penetrated Marshalls To The Bone’)


“First of all, after that — that was the worst thing I have ever seen on TV and I include ‘Morning Joe,'” Gutfeld began. “After that fiasco, we have to reclaim our time for America.”

Gutfeld went on to criticize Democrats for filling their time up with accusations and then saying  “I’m reclaiming my time” to level more accusations, refusing to allow Barr the chance to respond to anything.

“It creates a one-way street in which you could actually accuse somebody of murder, you could accuse them of treason, and then you deny them the opportunity to defend themselves, meanwhile, this is the party of compassion? I saw nothing but fascists. These guys — no wonder they think the mob, the mob in Portland and Seattle is not a bad thing. The mob is just their street team,” Gutfeld continued.

Gutfeld went on to call the hearing “a contest between who can ask the dumbest question,” arguing that for the Democrats’ continued claims of “mostly peaceful protests” to hold true, the reality of the continuing violence and injured law enforcement officers had to be ignored entirely.

“Three police officers permanently blinded, and Bill Barr has to sit there like a calm gorilla swatting these stupid flies off his nose calmly because they’re so stupid —” Gutfeld concluded. “I’ve got to ask. How could anybody in America put up with this? If I was sitting where Barr was I don’t know what I would do. They have to pump me full of Xanax — either that or they would have to put me in a cage like ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ have something stuffed in my mouth and hung upside down because I would lose my mind. I have never seen anything more disgusting on TV. I thought the Kavanaugh hearing was an injustice. This is pretty damn close.”