Channel Your Inner James Patterson And Learn To Publish Your Own eBook

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Whether it’s a brooding vampire drama or a humbling, coming-of-age tale, if you have a good idea for a novel, you should run with it! And lucky for you, we live in an age where ebooks are incredibly accessible to a wide audience and there’s enough room for all kinds of authors out there.

If the idea of creating an ebook has perked your interest, do yourself a favor and let The Creative Writing eBook Self-Publishing Bundle show you the ropes! Read on to learn about the incredible courses that are all a resounding 97% off.

So You Want to Self-Publish Your eBook?

Don’t know much about self-publishing? This course serves as your introductory course to the vast world of ebooks and what it takes to produce one of your own. By the end of the 11 included lectures, you’ll know if self-publishing is the right route for you.

“I’d define this course as a strategic one as it makes you think of the most important aspects in self-publishing an eBook.” – Gulnara Emirali

Paperback Publishing on Amazon KDP

As a result of a collaboration with CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing gives you all the tools necessary to publish your very own ebook. In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate your Amazon KDP dashboard and input all the information necessary to build your soon-to-be masterpiece.

“This was a very complete “hands-on” course. The instructor was clear as he guided through each phase of the KDP process using an actual e-published book.” – Charles H. Egbert

How to Build a Responsive Author Website

In this course, you’ll learn all about the power of promotion, and when it comes to ebooks, it’s all about building an accessible website. Here, you’ll learn how to use the dynamic website builder, WordPress, customizing everything as you go. After all, you’ll need to have a place for all your fans to gather and find out what you’re doing next!

“Excellent course, lots of important information for authors. This course is worth more than I paid for this course.” – Esmie Lawrence

Scrivener Simplified

Even if you have a great idea, the writing process is often the biggest hurdle. But in this course, you’ll be introduced to Scrivener, a leading book-writing software, where you can outline and develop your story, experiment with formats, and more. In just an hour, you’ll be using this thing like a pro.

“This is a great course on how an experienced author actually uses Scrivener.” – Darryl Shields

Kindle Publishing 

Amazon is one of the world’s most widely-used book marketplaces, and learning how to use it to your advantage is crucial to your success as a self-publisher. In this course’s curriculum, you can expect to learn how to write eye-catching copy to get the attention of readers, set up your book’s pricing, and learn the pros and cons of using Amazon as a way to sell your book.

“It really helped me to see the actual kindle publishing pages on screen.” – Anne-Maree Gray

Kindle eBook Cover Design & Book Illustration

Like it or not, people are going to judge your book by its cover, so it’s all the more reason to make sure yours is awesome. In this course, you’ll find out how to source images to promote your book as well as how to find the appropriate images that match what your book represents.

“I really enjoyed this course mainly for all of the different tools you can utilize. I now have an arsenal to make my book the best it can be.” – Brehonna Franklin

Kindle Formatting

Now that you know how to navigate Scrivener, this course lets you take a closer look at how the software can serve you well as you format your book. In just one hour, you’ll see how the right formatting can make readers’ experiences more enjoyable, likening the chances of them becoming loyal followers of yours.

“I have been struggling to format my eBook for a while now, so this course has come along at the right time.” — Samuel Ault

Novel Writing 101

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, writing multiple drafts of a novel can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. But over the course of these lessons, you’ll learn about important keywords readers of your specific genre expect when reading this type of book, the basic elements that make a good story, the four most-used types of editing, and so much more.

“Many of the suggestions concerning research, character creation and plot planning were eye-opening.” — Pam Davila

Writing Productivity Habits

Writer’s block is a real thing and if you’ve ever attempted at writing a story, you know this to be true. But with the help of this course, you’ll adopt planning habits to make your writing time more efficient, find out how to manage your time, and learn ways to balance healthy life habits to keep both you and your writing sharp.

“A really great course given in a well structured and concise way. I have already begun to apply some of the concepts to help my productivity.” – Elaine Blose

Online Course Creation From a Book You Have Already Written

Want to make money off what you’ve written? Then why not learn how to turn your book into a dynamic online learning course? In this program, you’ll find out how to transform your writing into teachable lessons and content, creating online courses from scratch. By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll appreciate what it really means to be a writing teacher.

“Even the early lessons are providing new ideas to consider about teaching writing.” – Consuelo Sterlin Meux

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