EXCLUSIVE: Kenosha Business Owners Speak Out After Another Night Of Rioting

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Kenosha business owners are looking for answers after multiple businesses were looted and vandalized by large groups of mobs during Monday night riots.

 “I just don’t understand how something like this would happen,”said Daniel Esposito, owner of four businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin. All four of Esposito’s businesses were vandalized and looted during Sunday night riots.

Family and friends of Esposito could be seen sweeping and cleaning up broken glass on the rainy Monday morning in Kenosha. “Our society is really disappointing, what happened to being kind to people,” Esposito told the Daily Caller. Cars on the lot of Esposito’s used car dealership business were damaged by rocks and baseball bats.


“It’s emotionally hurtful, we didn’t do anything to anybody,” said Scott Carpenter, who owns an office furniture store, a family business his parents started 40 years ago.

Carpenter watched livestreams of the riots on Monday night and saw the damage to his furniture store, but it wasn’t until he arrived at the store on Monday morning to witness the true devastation. “What I see, I was not prepared for,I knew it was going to be a disaster” said Carpenter in his reaction to seeing the store burned down.

Despite an 8 p.m. curfew in Kenosha County and National Guard in town, it did little to stop looting and vandalism in Kenosha. (RELATED: Julia Jackson, Mother Of Jacob Blake, Says She Is ‘Praying’ For Police Officers, Condemns Rioting And Looting In Son’s Name)