Daily Caller Reporter Richie McGinniss Rushes To Save Life Of Man Who Was Shot In Head During Kenosha, Wisconsin, Riots


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss tried to save the life of an individual shot in the head during the Wednesday morning riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, according to videos posted to Twitter.

McGinniss was covering the protest with The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott when multiple shots rang out, hitting one man in the side of the head.

Video shows McGinniss running up to the victim to see what happened before taking off his t-shirt and immediately applying the shirt to the victims head in an attempt to slow the bleeding. Other bystanders rush to the scene and begin assisting with emergency care. Individuals in the video can be heard saying “call the cops.”

McGinniss and other bystanders appear to carry the victim away from the scene of the accident. Talcott said McGinniss and the other bystanders then carried the victim to the hospital, which was across the street. It is unclear who shot the victim.

Other video footage shows an individual receiving help from another crowd member after he had a chunk of his arm blown out during the riot. Paramedics appear to arrive to help the individual shortly thereafter. (RELATED: Kenosha Police Won’t Provide More Information About Jacob Blake Shooting As The Wisconsin City Burns)

According to an official statement from the Kenosha Police Department posted to Twitter, two individuals were killed from gunshot wounds, while a third individual was taken to a hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. It is unclear whether the individuals reportedly shot are the same individuals who died.

Riots began Sunday night after Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by police. Blake is said to be in stable condition but is paralyzed from the waist down, according to his father.