‘They Will Beat The Crap Out Of America’: John Kennedy Says Pelosi, Other Elites ‘Can Strut Sitting Down’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi one of the “managerial elites,” adding that she could “strut sitting down.”

Kennedy, who has been surveying hurricane damage in his home state, joined “Hannity” guest host Trey Gowdy to discuss Pelosi’s recent trip to a shuttered hair salon Wednesday evening. (RELATED: Sen. Kennedy: Republicans Tried To See Coronavirus Relief Pelosi’s Way, ‘But We Can’t Get Our Heads That Far Up Our Rear Ends’)


“I got in late last night and I saw the story about Speaker Pelosi violating the coronavirus rules that she has advocated for and the rest of us mere mortals have to abide by in order to get her hair done,” Kennedy began. “I thought to myself, isn’t this special? Despite the fact it’s against the law, Speaker Pelosi is getting her hair washed and probably getting a neck massage and my people don’t even have water.”

Kennedy went on to say that he wasn’t sure Pelosi could help herself, prompting an amused response from Gowdy.

“I’m going to want you to explain that one. That’s too good,” the former Republican South Carolina Congressman said. “Yes, why could she not help herself?”

“Well, Speaker Pelosi is part of what I call the managerial elite. They can strut sitting down. You know who I am talking about, Trey,” Kennedy replied, adding, “Here is the managerial elite’s message, of which Speaker Pelosi is part, to the ordinary Americans: You are a bunch of morons. Oh, and by the way, you are also a bunch of racists. So, just shut up. Do what you are told, and periodically we the managerial elite will tell you what values and what opinions you have to adopt without debate because we are experts and intellectuals.”

Kennedy went on to say that the “managerial elite” considered themselves to be the smartest people in the room — which he said was only proof that they were in the “wrong room.”

“If they ever get in charge, you know this, they will put America in the ditch. They will beat the crap out of America and the American people don’t deserve that,” Kennedy clarified that, while he did not believe all Democrats were cut from this particular cloth, far too many were.

“For most ordinary Americans, the members of the managerial elite of which Speaker Pelosi is a part — and I think Vice-President Biden is too — they just think that we are all a bunch of deplorables if we are not part of a specific group that they deem worthy. They don’t respect the opinions of ordinary Americans and they don’t like us very much. I don’t think Americans want to be governed by people who look down on them. I know I don’t,” he concluded.