Miley Cyrus Says Her Throat Surgery Made Her Sober

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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Musician Miley Cyrus recently revealed some of her motivations behind getting sober.

Cyrus opened up about the reflective moments following her throat surgery late last year where she had to be silent and sober during an interview with Joe Rogan published Wednesday.

“Over the last year I noticed a really big change to my voice, kind of a heaviness to it,” Cyrus told Rogan.

The “Party In The USA” singer eventually had to have throat surgery in November of 2019 after she was diagnosed with Reinke’s edema diagnosis. (RELATED: Miley Cyrus Shares She’s Been ‘Sober For’ Six Months After Learning About Family’s Addiction Issues)

“I started touring at probably 12 or 13,” Cyrus recalled. “The adrenaline that you have after a show — it’s not really the singing that affects your voice as much. It’s afterwards, you’re totally on and it’s really hard to get that sleep. You stay up, talking all night. Later, the talking all night turned into smoking all night. And now, this is kinda where we’re at.”

Cyrus said the throat surgery taught her tons about her voice and the effects of smoking.

“I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m sober,” Cyrus revealed. “I’ve been sober, pretty much the vocal surgery kind of did it for me because I just learned so much about the effects. You’re just taught it’s not really the drinking, it’s the staying up all night. Once you have your drink, you end up smoking.”

Cyrus has been open about her struggles with sobriety in the past. She claimed being young made it hard to keep a “sober lifestyle,” Page Six previously reported.

“It’s really hard because especially being young, there’s that stigma of ‘you’re no fun,'” Cyrus said at the time. “It’s like, ‘honey, you can call me a lot of things, but I know that I’m fun.’ The thing that I love about it is waking up 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want to wake up feeling groggy. I want to wake up feeling ready.”