Chuck Schumer Says Ginsburg Is ‘Turning Over In Her Grave Up In Heaven’ Over Barrett Pick

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “turning over in her grave up in heaven” over President Donald Trump’s pick of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to succeed her.

After President Donald Trump’s introduction of Barrett on the White House lawn Saturday, Schumer decried the pick during a press conference by insisting that “just about every American will be hurt by Judge Barrett’s views on the issues like health care and women’s rights and labor rights and voting rights, climate change.”


“Her views are way to the right of the American people and as they learn about it, she will become less and less popular,” Schumer predicted. “The future for DACA kids and immigrants will be greatly hurt as well. Just about everything that America believes in and stands for when it comes to issues like health care and labor rights and LBGTQ rights and women’s rights, Judge Barrett stands against all of that.”

Schumer took a shot at the fact that Barrett “believes in Judge Scalia’s philosophy,” arguing that Scalia would “eliminate all those things or greatly limit them.”

“Judge Ginsburg had a dying wish that the next president choose,” he concluded after accusing Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of  stealing “two judges from the American people.”

“Justice Ginsburg must be turning over in her grave up in heaven to see that the person they chose seems to be intent on undoing all the things that Ginsburg did. I will strongly, strongly, strongly oppose this nomination.” (RELATED: Ben Sasse Predicts Democrats Will ‘Throw Crap At The Wall, See What Sticks’ To Try And Discredit Supreme Court Nominee)

Senate confirmations hearings for Barrett are set to begin October 12, and Republicans appear likely to have enough votes to confirm.