‘Just Ridicule The Guy’: Joy Behar Says Biden Should Use Debate To ‘Make A Fool’ Of Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Tuesday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should use the first debate to “just ridicule” President Donald Trump.

With just hours to go before Trump and Biden took the stage for the first debate — moderated by “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace — Behar offered her own advice to Biden. “Freak him out,” she said. (RELATED: ‘We’ve Lost That Battle’: Joy Behar Says The Fight For The Court Is Over, Republicans Won)


Co-host Sara Haines gave her advice first, saying that Biden would be wise not to “engage” with Trump. “I think that’s where President Trump wins every time. When he goes below the belt, no one can beat him at that low-level fighting,” Haines argued. “I think the best thing will be if Vice President Biden has a vision of what he wants to communicate and stays his course and doesn’t play too much defense.”

Behar stated that debates don’t typically change many minds, but she still offered some advice to Biden.

“I say just ridicule the guy, because he can’t take it. Make a fool of him, you know, the way he likes to make a fool of people,” Behar began, pivoting then to address the idea of Biden fact-checking Trump throughout the debate. “If you call him out on his lies you’ll be there for 26 hours, let’s face it.”

“Put President Obama in the front. That will freak him out. He still hasn’t gotten over the Correspondent’s Dinner when Obama made a joke about him,” Behar continued. “If Obama doesn’t want to come, then bring an IRS auditor. You have to freak him out, that’s it, so he looks ridiculous in front of his base.”

Haines jumped back in to reiterate her previous point, saying that if Biden engaged Trump he would likely lose.

“Don’t engage him. Sara, I’m not saying engage him,” Behar insisted. “I’m saying just freak him out.”

“Yes, freak him out, that’s fine,” Haines agreed.