Police Identify Airline Passenger Who Allegedly Urinated On Woman As North Carolina Pastor


Joe Miller Contributor
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Authorities have identified the person that allegedly urinated on a woman during her flight with Delta Airlines as a Pastor from North Carolina, the New York Daily News reported.

The owner of the Loves Wins Ministries, Daniel Chalmers, from Raleigh, was seen urinating on a fellow passenger according to the New York Daily News.

The victim, Alicia Beverly, spoke to police and stated that at about 2:45 am on the Oct. 12 flight to Detroit, she was awoken by Chalmers standing over her going to the bathroom, per the New York Daily News.

Beverly then began to scream, according to the police report, “She then noticed that Mr. Chalmers urinated on her and she started screaming”.

One of the passengers that was sitting by her was a police officer, according to the New York Daily News, Beverly told the officer what happened and once Alicia stated her case to the officer, Chalmers told everyone that he thought he was inside the bathroom, per the Daily News. (RELATED: FBI Alerted After A Woman’s Luggage Is Urinated On During A Flight)

Once the flight landed, Chalmers was escorted off of the plane while still denying urinating. “I’m a pastor, that is out of my character and I didn’t do it,” Chalmers told authorities.

The pastor at first said he was not intoxicated, but then admitted to having “a few drinks” while on medication, according to the New York Daily News. Authorities did not accept this intoxication denial however because of the man’s bloodshot eyes, and for acting under the influence.

As a result of this, Chalmers was given a court appearance date for a misdemeanor assault and he was released from custody.