Man Falls 15 Feet Into Pit Of Rats After Sinkhole Opens On NYC Sidewalk

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot CBS New York)

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A man had to have faced his worst nightmare after a sinkhole opened up on a New York City sidewalk dumping him into a pit of rats.

Leonard Shoulders was waiting for the bus over the weekend in the Bronx when the sidewalk opened up and he fell into a pit, according to NBC4. In the surveillance video, Shoulders is seen waving his hands around before dropping completely into the hole.


Shoulders’ mother spoke to NBC4 about the incident and said her son, who had to be hospitalized, is “traumatized.”

“It could have been anyone,” Cindy White told the outlet. “It could have been anyone it was a whole scary situation. It was my son and thank God he’s alive.” (RELATED: Starving Rats Are Cannibalizing Each Other Amid Coronavirus Pandemic In New York)

“He went down feet first,” she said. “He was just standing and the sidewalk just — It was like a suction. Like a sinkhole. He just went down.”

“He is traumatized,” White told the outlet. “He said he went straight down. He said he was just falling, falling. But the debris was falling and hitting him in the head.”

The scariest part of the whole ordeal sounds like the rats, which Shoulders described as “ridiculous.”

“He was like, ‘Ma, the rats down there were ridiculous,'” she recalled, the outlet reported. “He was like, ‘they were like so big.’ He was scared to yell out because he thought they were gonna go in his mouth.”

This sounds like everybody’s nightmare. First, the floor drops out from underneath you and then you fall 15 feet into a pit of rats. Nobody likes rats. They are gross and disgusting creatures. I’d have to be hospitalized just from the trauma of the rats.