Brit Hume: GOP Keeping Senate Would Be ‘The Best Thing That Could Happen’ To Biden If He Wins

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News political analyst Brit Hume said the “best thing that could happen” to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, should he win the election, is for Republicans to maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

“The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum introduced the topic by playing a clip of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, telling the four Democratic congresswomen known as “The Squad” that a Biden victory is “not the end-all,” but rather “the beginning,” and that they need to make sure he “becomes the more progressive president.”

“Do you think they will have the pull to do that, Brit?” she asked.


“I have my doubts,” Hume responded. “Probably the best thing that could happen to Joe Biden would be for his party not to get control of both houses of Congress, because I think Biden, by history, is not hard left. He is left, but not hard left.”

“Bernie is hard left and he made peace with Bernie by including a lot of Bernie Sanders’ ideas in his party’s platform,” he continued. “So I think what would happen is if they don’t get control, Biden has an excuse that may satisfy the left. If they get control of everything and he doesn’t do what the left wanted, there may be hell to pay for him.”

Sanders has expressed an interest in becoming Secretary of Labor in a potential Biden cabinet.

While the current Real Clear Politics polling average has Biden with a 6.7% lead over the president, control of the Senate is on a razor’s edge. (RELATED: Former WH Press Sec Ari Fleischer Says He Thinks Trump Will Get Support From ‘Shy Bush People’)

Republicans currently have a 53-47 majority and appear likely to gain one seat in Alabama and lose seats in Colorado, Arizona, and Maine. This potentially leaves ultimate control up to close races involving incumbent Sens. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who is behind by 2.2% RCP average, and Joni Ernst of Iowa, currently leading by 2%.