‘He’s An IDIOT!’: Cenk Uygur Freaks Out As Trump-Biden Election Stays Close

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The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur expressed frustration that the race between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was still close as election night unfolded.

Although Biden led significantly in most major polls before election night, Trump managed to stay close enough in early states to stave off a quick victory for the Democrat and even drive betting odds in Trump’s favor.

Uygur, who was briefly a Democratic congressional candidate in California, appeared frustrated at the media and Democratic politicians for not allowing the left to proverbially “hit the Republicans in the face.”


“Both Jake Tapper and Nancy Pelosi and every editor at the New York Times has to get out of our way,” Uygur said. “Let us hit the Repubicans in the face instead of playing pattycakes with them. How many elections are we going to get to a razor’s edge with a monster, idiot fascist like Donald Trump?” (RELATED: Dem Congressional Candidate Cenk Uygur Once Said He Would Legalize Bestiality)

“Forget him being a racist,” he continued. “Forget him being a fascist. The guy’s IQ is lower than 70. He’s an idiot. He’s a total moron and you couldn’t figure out how to crush him in an election. Man, the corporate Democrats in the mainstream media suck at this. They absolutely, positively suck and they brainwash smart people into compliance.”