‘Don’t Say That, Please’: CNN Reporter Scolds Crowd Chanting ‘F*ck Donald Trump!’

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CNN reporter Gary Tuchman asked a celebrating crowd to stop saying “f*ck Donald Trump” during a live shot Saturday night.

Tuchman was reporting on “CNN Tonight” from an Atlanta, Georgia crowd celebrating news of President-elect Joe Biden’s projected victory over President Donald Trump when several in the crowd began the chant.

“Hey, you guys, you guys!” he admonished. “Let the viewers hear me, okay? You can yell and scream, but don’t say that, please.”


Tuchman described the “dance party” that had been going on in the streets for 10 hours.

“People started gathering out here,” he said. “This is the impromptu spontaneous party with no guest list, no start time, no end time. And people just started pouring into the streets.”

The CNN correspondent added that “there hasn’t been any violence,” but did admonish the crowd for the lack of social distancing and mask-wearing.

“One other thing I want to point out to you, there’s no social distancing here,” he said. “That’s not cool. Most people have been wearing their masks, 90, 95%. Now it’s less. That’s not so cool either.” (RELATED: MSNBC Contributor Steve Schmidt Calls Tucker Carlson A 2024 GOP ‘Frontrunner’)

“But the fact is, there has been no violence, and that’s certainly an important point,” Tuchman told anchor Wolf Blitzer.