Get That Fresh Salon Look With This Discounted Professional Hair Dryer

Emily Lynch Contributor
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There’s no better feeling than rocking a fresh, new hairdo. Unfortunately for many of us, going to the salon is not a regular occurrence. Luckily, we have a product that will give your hair that straight-out-of-the-salon look! Introducing the Jinri Paris Professional Negative Ionic Hair Dryer!

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Let’s face it, your old hair dryer most likely isn’t cutting it anymore. This product offers powerful wind blow while emitting very little noise. This is something old hair dyers just can’t compete with. There are three heat (high, medium, low) and two speed (high, low) settings on this gadget, making it easy to adjust to what your hair needs. Also included is a cool shot button to help reduce frizzies.

The Negative Ionic Technology is simple yet effective. Here’s how it works. The ionic dryer breaks down particles in your hair, causing water to evaporate quicker than a traditional hair dryer. This innovative technology used by many salon professionals will save you precious time and money.

Included in your purchase are three attachments; a diffuser, hair pik, and concentrated nozzle. The diffuser works by spreading the airstream evenly over a wide area. This extension is ideal for those with naturally curly and voluminous hair. The hair pik is the number one grooming tool for those with afros. This extension detangles with minimal tension. It’s also ideal for those with naturally straight hair. Lastly, the concentrator nozzle directs and focuses the air output, making it ideal for smooth, straight hair.

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More than 1,000 people have given this hair dryer a five star review. Listen to what some customers have said about their purchase:

“I’ve had several hair dryers before and have always searched for one that would perform like those in a salon- quick drying, light weight and safe on my hair. This product has proved to be all of the above. My dry time has been drastically cut down and I don’t feel like I’m damaging my hair in the process.”

“I’ve been wanting a new blow dryer. I think I had my previous dryer around 20 years. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was just old and gross. The flip side is that I rarely blow dry my hair, but when I do, I want something lightweight and quick. So I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I might use once a quarter. Would I take it for travel? Probably not. It’s a little big, plus most hotels have them in the room. I already overpack as it is. A friend of mine recommended this blow dryer, and I’m so happy she did. I have used it once, and worked just like I hoped. It was the right buy at the right price for me.”

This product can also be bought asa  great holiday gift for a friend or loved one! Get your very own Jinri Paris Professional Negative Ionic Hair Dryer right now for only $39.59.


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