Macron Trolls Trump, Says Biden Can Help ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’

(Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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French President Emmanuel Macron took a small swipe Thursday at President Donald Trump as he discussed the possibility of the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. 

Macron said that a President Joe Biden could help “make our planet great again,” an obvious play on Trump’s campaign slogan to “make America great again,” according to Reuters. “‘Make our planet great again’ is a possibility, not just in words but also in deed,” Macron said during an online summit, per Reuters. The French President launched an initiative in 2017 called “Make our planet great again” which offered American scientists grants to move to France and conduct climate research, Reuters reports. (RELATED: Japanese Official Quickly Deletes Tweet Ripping Trump, Calling US A ‘Dictatorship’)

The United States officially pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, the 2015 agreement that had been signed on to by almost 200 different countries, on November 4th. Biden has pledged to bring the country back into the agreement during his Presidential administration, along with investing $2 trillion into reducing American reliance on fossil fuels, Reuters says. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government is hosting the 2021 U.N. climate conference in Glasgow, recently discussed climate policy with Biden in a post-election phone call, reports Reuters. Other world leaders from Australia, Japan, and South Korea have also discussed climate issues with former Vice President Biden since last week’s election, per Reuters.