Small Business Rolls Out Doughnuts Filled With Chicken Liver, Pimento Cheese

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A recently opened doughnut shop in downtown Portland, Oregon, Fills Donuts specializes in unusual and creative doughnuts, which include but are not limited to, doughnuts filled with chicken liver and pimiento cheese, according to a recent video from KPTV news.

“All of our doughnuts are filled donuts,” Leather Storrs, Co-Owner and Founder of Fills Donuts explained to KPTV in an interview.

Fills Donuts specializes in “Berliner Style Donuts” according to the businesses website.

“A classic Berliner is a jelly filled and like, powdered sugar doughnut,” Storrs explains. “But, then we start to get a little bit kooky.” (RELATED: Einstein Bros. Bagels Rebrands Donuts as ‘Party Bagels’ To Subpar Response)

Their website features doughnuts ranging from Cinnamon Apple, and Maple Bacon and Butterscotch to doughnuts like Masala Chai which features soul masala chai tea, and vanilla sugar.

Some of their more creative “Berliner style Donuts” include their Pimento Cheese and Thanksgiving Dinner donuts.

Their Pimento Cheese donut is described as having a hot honey glaze, and toasted sesame seeds, while their Thanksgiving Dinner donut is described as having a filling of “warmed mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry glaze, chicken cracklings, fried sage” according to the menu on the website.