Pompeo Says Biden’s Foreign Policy Picks ‘Lived In A Bit Of A Fantasy World’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized members of President-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy team, saying that they “lived in a bit of a fantasy world.”

Pompeo spoke Tuesday with Fox News anchor Bret Baier about the transition from President Donald Trump’s administration to Biden’s. He said that he worried most about maintaining what the administration sees as foreign policy gains that had come about over the last four years. (RELATED: Mike Pompeo: ‘United States Remains Committed To Denying Iran Any Pathway To A Nuclear Weapon’)


Baier prefaced his question with a clip of Biden’s pick for ambassador to the United Nations, diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

“I want to say to you, America is back. Multilateralism is back. Diplomacy is back,” Thomas-Greenfield said in the video. Baier turned to Pompeo for his response.

“Where to begin, Bret. I remember what the previous administration did,” Pompeo replied. “They described leadership as ‘leading from behind.’ President Trump never did that.”

Pompeo went on to tout the “real coalitions” built by the Trump administration, coalitions which he said stood up against the Chinese Communist Party, “refused to appease Iran” and did away with the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

“I couldn’t tell exactly from her statement, but multilateralism for the sake of hanging out with your buddies at a cool cocktail party? That’s not in the best interest of the United States of America,” Pompeo continued. “We work with nations when we have common interest and we develop coalitions that actually deliver real results and reflect the reality on the ground.”

Baier went on to ask a few moments later what Pompeo thought was the greatest concern for American foreign policy once the transition was complete.

“You know, Bret, I don’t want to speculate,” Pompeo said. “I know some of these folks, they took a very different view, they lived in a bit of a fantasy world. They led from behind, they appeased. I hope they will choose a different course.”

Pompeo touted what he saw as accomplishments — an allegedly reduced risk from North Korea, recognition of the threat posed by China’s Communist Party and certain moves seemingly pointing to greater peace for some countries in the Middle East.

“If they’ll keep those things center point and center mass, I think America’s trajectory will be one that is safer and more prosperous and more secure,” he concluded.