REPORT: Husband Arrested After Letting Friends Gang-Rape Wife After Losing Bet, Throwing Acid In Her Face


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A gambler in India threw acid on his wife after losing a bet to his friends, The Independent reported.

“The couple was married for about 10 years. Her husband was into gambling and he lost her in a bet in late October,” Rajesh Kumar Jha, a senior police official of Muzahidpur police station, told The Independent.

“After that, he would send her to the gamblers against her wishes, where the men would rape her. If she ever resisted the sexual exploitation, her husband would beat her and hold her hostage,” Jha said, The Independent reported.

When the woman resisted her husband’s attempts to send her to the gamblers on Nov. 30, he threw the acid on her, Jha said, according to The Independent. (RELATED: Father Found Guilty Of Planning Acid Attack On 3-Year-Old Son)

Police arrested the man in the northeastern state of Bihar and charged him with acid attack, gang rape, domestic violence and wrongful confinement, The Independent reported. The man, who is unnamed due to India’s laws that protect the identities of sexual crimes victims, is being held in judicial custody, according to the Independent.

The rates of domestic violence have increased significantly after COVID-19 lockdowns took place in India, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health.